Meet Mr. Cruz

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Today you will meet Mr. Steve Cruz, one of our fabulous installers, and see the work he can do. In short order.

Steve is basically our handyman except better. He can do it all. Electrical when Erick is in a pinch, install, assembly, tricky to install jobs like lift gates. You name it, he can do it! Where would we be without Mr. Cruz? He is also a veteran. Thank you for your service, Steve. Oh yes, he is also a walking entertainment show. Never a dull moment with Steve around.

Measure twice….cut once. Steve is wrapping up an install that includes a lifted floor, shelves, locking doors, partition, and you can’t see it from the photos but there is a ladder rack up top as well.

19050 13th Place S Ste 101, SeaTac, WA 98148


It is good people who make good places.”- Anna Sewell