Delivery Van Shelving

  • Ergonomic Fold-away shelving, designed especially with last mile delivery in mind.
  • Flexible, long lasting shelf units to carry both large and small items.
  • Shelves fold-up up to fit large pallets on the van floor and maximize cargo space.

Van Drawers & Cabinets

  • Access tools and supplies without getting into the van.
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum side door drawers that will outlast the van.

Flooring & Wall Liners

  • Prevent dents and rust in the van with wall liners.
  • Non-slip flooring surface acts as a base for the rest of the upfit.
  • Shelving and other equipment can be bolted to the floor.

Van Shelving

  • Aluminum and steel van shelving by Ranger Design.
  • The toughest and quietest shelving on the market, designed to fit any van.
  • A 10-year warranty for both the shelving and the installation.

Van Storage Units

  • 8 case Partskeeper stacks for storing small tools and parts.
  • Multiple sizes of refrigerant tank holders available in both aluminum and steel.
  • Milwaukee PACKOUT solutions for stowing neatly in the cargo van.
  • Extra storage includes a selection of workbenches and garment lockers.

Roof Racks

  • Assortment of ladder racks available from the top manufacturers.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting racks made from aluminum.
  • Carries a wide range of cargo, including ladders, pipes, plywood, and other materials.
  • Roof rack accessories are available to offer the finishing touches.

Van Accessories

  • Upfit add-ons and accessories for better efficiency.
  • Increased organization and less clutter on the van floors.

Van Partitions

  • Safety partitions offer an extra barrier between the driver and the cargo for safety on the road.
  • Multiple styles to choose from for each vehicle model.
  • Offers an extra storage wall in the cargo area, for added efficiency.
  • Custom partition modifications are available to accommodate every need.


We’ve branched out a little – Al Van now offers pickup truck equipment for your fleet! We’ve got canopies, toolboxes, lumber racks, and more! Flatbeds and service bodies aren’t our thing, and we don’t work on medium equipment much. While we don’t install the box on box trucks, if you’re looking for shelving or a ladder rack for your box truck, we’d love to help!